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Опубликовано: 12.5, 2015 -- Dmitriy Spirin

About the project Got lost in numerous consoles while relaxing at home? Got confused with operations? Tired of searching the necessary one? Or maybe you dont like listening to loud music when youre in a café with your girlfriend and you want to choose more romantic melody? We have a solution to solve your problems! We are pleased to present you small and convenient gadget which will be easily connected to your mobile phone and can be useful everywhere! Too many problems will be solved by so simple solution! Now you can easily choose the right channel, switch on the light and also start up the air conditioner. So, our development is for you and for your comfort!


Gadget is plugged in 3.5 Jack connector of mobile phone or tablet and allows to control household appliances by infra-red signal. It works not only as transmitter but also as a receiver. Thus, if you haven`t found your appliance in database you can teach the application to control your own device.

Nowadays every televiewer has a mobile phone at hand every time. But the quantity of panels and their complexity is constantly growing that has a direct effect on prices. Our device is cheaper than any console. If there is one universal remote that controls everything, why do we need the others?

Why it is so important for us Initially, the project was intended for a personal use. For example, I have 5 RCUs in my flat. Suddenly one of them broke down and I couldn`t buy a new one because of the high prices. At that moment I finally came up with a new idea – to make a console by myself, which can combine all the panels at once in it. My friends appreciated this decision and asked me to make them the same device. Over the time, this versatile device has gained a popularity, and it was decided to assemble a team and to start its mass production.

When creating a team, the main requirement was the applicant`s knowledge of this problem and besides, the most important was not a desire to earn money, but the eagerness to help people get rid of problems with RCUs. This approach allowed us to gather those people, who know from their own experience, what you need.

A part of the collected funds will be used to create the ergonomic gadget design, to develop the application, using iOS platform, and also to support the relevance of the RCU signals database. The remaining funds will be spent on the production and the delivery of the first line of devices. During the implementation of the project, we will provide a detailed report on the use of all the raised money.


Our project, like any other, has its own internal risks. These are:

The risk of increasing the terms of the project realization due to a financial delay. To minimize this risk, there will be a thorough control of the project. The risk of increasing the cost of the project is virtually absent because nowadays there is a gradual decrease of the production value in Russia associated with a depreciation of the ruble. In case of a failure to implement the project, all the collected funds will be definitely returned.

So, if you like our project, but you don`t have a possibility to help it financially, you can share the link with your friends. To do this, use Indiegogo share tools. Your support and assistance will greatly help us.

Thank you for your time!

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